Ready For A New Decade? How To Set New Years Resolutions That Stick – Part 3: Planning and Implementing

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It can be daunting to start something new. To stop dreaming and to start realizing our dreams and projects. Below we will give some tips and tools on how to plan the implementation of your project, be it personal or professional, and how to avoid getting stuck in the planning phase and not even starting. 

Omega-3 fish oil has many health benefits that will support you on your journey towards reaching your goals by improving your overall wellbeing and helping you to stay focused for longer.

First: How To Plan

To successfully complete your project, know what has to be done and how long it will take, then plan accordingly to reach your deadlines. 

It can be helpful to start each month with a visual overview of important tasks, deadlines and bigger overall goals, and also set specific targets for each week. This helps to break down a long-term project into more tangible smaller pieces. Again, daily to-do lists should be realistic and attainable. 

When planning your work, don’t forget to schedule breaks and make sure to get enough exercise, time outside and time to rest to make sure that your body and mind are well rested and balanced. 

Food supplements such as Omega-3 of Norway can help you to quickly recover from exercise, and our Marine Omega-3 fish oil and Red Krill oil have further health benefits such as reducing inflammation and improving your concentration. 

Second: Set Your Priorities

“You can do anything, but not everything” – a quote by David Allen sums up what prioritizing your workload is all about. It may feel like you want to do it all, but the reality is that you can’t, you shouldn’t and you won’t do it all. And that’s OK. This is why it is important to focus on what really needs to be done and not get lost in trying to do it all. 

It is important to prioritize your tasks and to decide, what is important enough for you to dedicate your time to it. There are several tools you can use to establish an order of priority. 

If you prefer a more theoretical tool, we recommend the Eisenhower matrix. It is a set of four squares based around 2 axes, “urgent” and “important”. Each task (there should be no more than 8 per box) gets placed in one of the boxes based on their importance and urgency and then dealt with accordingly. 

What is urgent and important has to be done first, what is important but less urgent, we schedule. Any less important but urgent tasks should be delegated and finally, what is not important and not urgent is dropped. Don’t waste your time on something that does not matter and focus on what is really crucial to you.

Eisenhower Decision Matrix

When it comes to personal projects, it can be more difficult to establish such priorities. 

So when you are trying to decide what to focus your energy on, try saying “I choose not to” instead of “I can’t” and see how it makes you feel when you are turning down an opportunity. Being aware of one’s core values can also be important to determine what priorities we have in our personal lives and again, we can’t do it all. So sometimes it is better to focus on a few smaller areas instead of spreading ourselves too thin and getting drained by too many projects and commitments at a time. 

Third: Implementing – the Norwegian concept of the “Doorstep mile”

Our products are made in Norway, where there is a long tradition of consuming Omega-3 Oils for health benefits. Something else that is specific to Norwegian culture is the concept of the “Doorstep mile”, dørstokkmila. This refers to the idea, that the first step, or mile, is often the hardest and once we have overcome our initial inertia, it is easier to just keep going. This applies both to physical challenges, but also to other aspects of your life where it can be hard to get started. So instead of focusing on a faraway big goal, sometimes it is best to just start with one small step, and to keep going day after day. 

We hope this series of articles has helped and inspired you to make 2020 YOUR year and to set intentions for yourself that are realistic, attainable and will make you grow as a person for the start of this new decade! Make sure to check out our Shop to find a range of different high quality products for yourself or your loved ones, just in time for the holiday season!