Trip to Moscow, not without my Norway Omega-3!

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Moscow trip, first impressions

Everybody seems to have an opinion about Moscow; whether have never been there, or know the city well. For me, Moscow had been a blank spot on the map and I was more than excited to visit for the first time in May 18. The reason of the trip was purely pleasure – even though I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with an amazing Russian photographer, Vera Nesterova, while there. And yes, it was love at first sight : The Red Square, Kremlin tour (a MUST!), lively Gorki Park, the amazingly beautiful and hectic Metro stations, GUM,The Grand Bolshoi Theater, to name a few. 

Lost in translation

As an international model, I am used to communicating in English. This, however, is  still a challenge in Moscow, as soon as you leave your hotel. Everything is still in Cyrillic writing and very few people speak good English. This makes communication quite challenging.

Compromising with Diet on the go

I always take very good care of my diet. As a model, this is a must for me. In addition, as I was born with celiac disease, I must strictly stick to a glutenfree diet (mostly wheatfree). This was not easy for me on this trip, as staff at restaurants wanted to provide great service while missing an accurate answer whether the food is gluntenfree or not. Several times, I took French fries and other “safe” meals, even though they were not the healthy choice. I did not want to take a risk of eating gluten, and become sick, in order not to ruin this trip.

However, I did not worry too much about it. First of all, the amazing experience of this fascinating city was worth the extra hassle, and second of all, I knew that it was only a three-day exception. Plus, I had my Norway Omega-3 fish oil capsules with me, which provide me with healthy unsaturated fatty acids (EPA&DHA) wherever I go. I am not saying that dietary supplements are an excuse to eat less healthy, but for me, they help me to stay well nourished and focused, even if sometimes it is hard to eat as balanced as at home. Consider this especially when planning a trip to a place you never visited before.


Fish oils are a great way of getting more essential fatty acids into your diet, that’s a given. But one key difference between low-cost fish oils and the premium variety lies in their bioavailability. Omega-3 of Norway not only offers Omega-3 oil in its authentic form, but our formula is comprised of over 90% triglycerides while most other companies average around 60%. Presented with a choice of the two, what would you prefer?

xoxo, Lara