Find Your Limits And Beat The Winter Blues

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Omega-3 fish oil supplements during winter

When temperatures are dropping, it is easy to stay inside and cosy up and neglect our exercise regiment. But this can be the perfect time to try and explore some new forms of exercise and will help you to stay healthy for the holiday season! With this in mind, also think about supplementing your diet to make sure you are on top of things in those last few weeks of the year. Omega-3 of Norway offers a range of Omega-3 fish oil supplements that are also used by professional athletes to improve their performance.

Winter and Exercise

“Hygge” is great, but sometimes we still need that burst of movement to get our bodies going again. It can be hard to get motivation to exercise, especially outside, if the weather is bad and it is cold outside. So let’s try to spice things up this year and use this time to try something new! 

There is more to winter sports than the usual skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. How about expanding your horizon and trying telemarking, freestyle skiing or snowshoeing? To think even more outside the box, there are sports such as ice climbing, fat biking, air boarding or even kitesurfing on frozen lakes!

Another sport that has a long tradition in Norway but might be new to you is Biathlon! It originally derives from the Norwegian military and is an endurance sport based on cross-country skiing but also involves occasional stops where you have to shoot at a target with a rifle that you carry on your back.  

When trying those new forms of exercise make sure you fuel your body with the right ingredients. Omega 3 of Norway will help you do just that! Norwegian Olympic Biathlete Tajei Bø is one of our ambassadors and taking Omega 3 of Norway supplements is an important part of his training regiment when he is competing professionally all over the world.

The Perfect Gift: Give the Gift of Health

If you want to give yourself or someone close to you the gift of a healthy body and mind you can start by browsing around our shop to find the perfect Omega-3 of Norway product for you. From monthly subscriptions to gift packages to Krill Oil, we have a range of products to make sure you can start into the new year as your best self and are ready for any challenge. Omega-3 has been associated with a variety of health benefits such as reduced rates of inflammation, increased focus and brain performance, so it will benefit you in all your endeavors. 

Make sure to check it out before the holidays!